Wewt! I managed the “Sunday Blog”!

26 Sep

Hello all 😉 

Didn’t I tell you? The Sunday blog is HERE and VeganReese is here for good! 

So guess what? I have spectacular news! I know it seems planned a little… Farm in advance (I really shouldn’t have made that joke, should I?), but VeganReese is packing her bags in 2014, and heading West to Farm Sanctuary to intern for couple months! I’m so stoked! Can you believe it?! 


Isn't it beautiful?

For those of you who don’t know, Farm Sanctuary is a slice of Vegan Heaven. You stay for a miminum of a month (During intership) and help work with rescued “food animals.” You get to watch animals live out their lives the way they were meant to be, rather than being on someone’s place. 

I’m going to farm sanctuary after being extremely inspired by my friend. I wanted to share with you what she wrote. She’s at farm sanctuary right now, and she went to visit a stockyard a couple days ago. This is what she wrote immediatly after experiencing it, and it’s absolutly breathtaking. 

We pull up to the stockyard, painted on the front of the building was its name: E*$&%# Livestock.
It was a worn building. Small, yet monumental.
From inside came the shouts of the workers, moving the animals. 
The animals, squealing, grunting, bleating or groaning their discontent.
I was nervous. Of course I was nervous. 
We entered, like mourners enter a funeral. Like soldiers leave a battle-scene. 
The main room had a large set of bleachers, a few men casually exchanged words there, above the bedded floor area where rabbits waited, in cages, packed to the limits, for their owners to take them home for whatever purpose.
We cross through the bedded area, and go through a sliding door. We’re in a corridor, to the left and right there are pens, made of thick wood, containing animals of sorts. On the left, there are cattle in very narrow pens. Very large cattle, with very large, very sad, very pleading eyes. On the right, an assortment. A lone goat in the back of her pen. A duo of sows, who’ve just had their piglets torn away from them, likely waiting for another round of artificial insemination. A group of 12-15 goats, huddled together in the back of the pen. In the next pen over, there are 15-20 tiny baby goats, skittish and frightened without the comfort of their mother. I try to reach my hand to a white and brown baby, but he backs away, bleating, crying in a panick. How terrible, to be terrified of a gentle hand. Oh, how I long to comfort the poor kid.
To the left, four cattle crammed into one pen. They don’t look overly comfortable.
Their legs quiver, and their look of desperation sends chills down my spine.
To the right again, two groups of piglets. Some pink, some black and white, some orange and spotted, all fxcking adorable. All on the defensive, paranoid, and ready to bolt.They are so tiny. Couldn’t have been more than a week old. My eyes begin to water, and my throat closes up. One of those piglets could have easily been Bob Harper right now. How fortunate for him to have fallen into traffic nearly a month ago. If he hadn’t, he’d be in that pen right now.
It was at this moment, at this realization, that I start to cry.
I feel like sobbing hysterically.
We go in to another room, similar to the one we had just exited.
This area has an off-limits section. Suspicious, much?
A man stands in a pen, several calves stand in the pen, and several more lay on the floor. The calves were very thin. Some appear to be days old. Some, not even a day. There were some with mucous seeping from their noses. Some couldn’t walk well. How shameful. These calves should not be away from their mothers.
The man in the pen raises his cane and brings it down on one of the calves’ skulls. He prods the calf in the side with the cane, forcing him into another room, where a man was auctioning them off. There was no turning away from the scene. The man prodded the calves into the room, one by one, by hitting them with the cane, jabbing them in the stomach, kicking them. It was as if the man had jabbed the cane into my stomach, over and over. I want to suffer in the place of the calves. They shouldn’t have to be treated so brutally.
Take me instead. I’ll gladly die so they can live.
I couldn’t watch any more, or I’d be sick.
Behind me is a pen with more calves, the same state of sickliness. The next pen has a handful of half-grown pigs. I kneel on the ground and rubbed one’s forehead. She grunted at me, and looked into my eyes. I melted. The bond I had developed with the pigs on the farm, their grunts, and their soulful eyes. These pigs deserve to live out their lives, free from suffering. But they won’t.
And it kills me inside. 
My heart lurches, I hold back a sob.
I move to another pen, with more calves. There’s a larger pen, with upwards of 20 calves in it, all the same. Sick, skinny, struggling to walk. One approaches me, cautiously, but curiously. I reach my hand to him, and he sniffs it. He shoves his snotty nose closer, and then begins to suckle my fingers. Can he sense that I’m not here to hurt him? Or is he just looking for comfort, or milk from his mother, perhaps? He continues suckling, sucking my entire hand in his mouth. I look into his eyes. How could anyone want to hurt such a tiny fragile life? How can you go home, and honestly be proud of yourself, after hurting baby cows all day?
I hear the auctioneer, raffling off the next calf to the highest bidder.
12, 12.50, 13…. Sickening.
These calves are not sentient beings. They’re items.
I pet the calf’s neck and forehead with my free hand, and give him the only gentle touch he’ll experience in his short existence.
He continued to suckle on my fingers, and the tears continued to stream down my face. I can’t believe how shitty I feel. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be that calf. To die in a matter of weeks. To think that this calf will likely end up on someone’s plate. Possibly even my own father’s plate. It’s unreal. Disorienting. This little sickly calf is not a hunk of meat. He’s a little sickly calf who needs to see a vet and live out his life happily ever after. 
I couldn’t bear to hear the auctioneer for another second. It all became too real, too fast. 
Suddenly, I found myself out in the hallway, in the path of a steer who was being moved. A man in charge of moving the great animal shouted DO NOT OPEN THAT GATE! I just charged all the way down the alley, and out the exit. My mind had no control over my body. It was instinctual. It wasn’t an intentional act; I was scared shitless. The power in that man’s voice. It was horrifying. More intense than any horror film I’ve ever seen. Because it was real.
I didn’t want to go back into the animal holding rooms so I checked out the back rooms, and there was BEEF: ITS WHATS FOR DINNER posters, and literature everywhere. There was a hallway, and at the end of the hall way was sunlight. Outside, to the right of the door was a large enclosure that held upwards of 30 cattle, waiting to be herded into the auction area. Waiting to serve their duty to their human slave masters, to make the ultimate sacrifice to those who don’t give them an ounce of respect that they deserve.
Driving back, the tears came more readily.
My heart was torn to shreds,
broken into a million pieces.
It wasn’t the horrors that I saw inside,
its the feeling of helplessness.
Of leaving those animals behind.
To suffer. To die.”

Isn’t that absolutly breathtaking? If that doesn’t make you give up animal products, I don’t know what will. 

Now, let’s move on to a more happy note. 

It’s officially my favorite season!

Who else is excited? Fall is my absolutly favorite season! Already the leaves are changing, and I already have to wear a jacket! I love it! 


What’s on your fall list of improvements? 

My seasonal goals!: 

  • This Fall, I’d like to lost 15 pounds.
  • This Fall, I’d like to run alot more, since the weather is cooler!
  • This Fall, I’d like to start volunteering at an animal shelter, to get some hands on expierence and to have at least 30 hours of community service for my transcript.
  • This Fall, I will Get Juno, Piper, Jeeves, and December to all get along!

I promise I’ll edit a recipe into this post on Tuesday! Unfortunatly, I don’t have the photos to show it properly on my computer, nor will I have them til’ Tuesday! It’s a really simple recipe, in honor of my trying to eat at least 50% raw vegan foods a day! 

And I decided to add one new thing to VeganReese. Song of the day. Because we can never have to much music, right?  

Hopefully, this will be every week, but I don’t always find a new song every day, so at LEAST every other week!

  • Monday: Empty Without You; The Used
  • Tuesday: Baby Baby; State & Madison
  • Wednesday: Open Your Eyes; Goldfinger 
  • Thursday: In the Sun; She & Him
  • Friday: Walking the Dog; Fun.
  • Saturday: All That the Wind Brings; The Able Body
  • Sunday: Take Me Like Nothing; War Tapes


That’s all for now, check back on Tuesday Night, and keep it vegan! 

Until Tuesday/Sunday, VeganReese 😉 




14 Sep

Hello all!
How’s it going? Keepin’ it vegan? 😉

I know I know. You don’t have to say it.
“So… VeganReese… How many time’s are you gonna say you’re back and then fall of the face of the Earth again?”

To answer your question, never again! … Hopefully.

Stay with me guys, this is gonna be a LOOOONG post! I have so many things to cover. Let’s start with…

why I fell off the face of the Earth.

Truth is, I lost all motivation to keep going on with this post. Remember how Butler grew ill? Well… He passed away 😦

That’s a picture of Butler investigating the vicious cat-teaser.

Rest in Peace, Baby Boy! I’ll never forget you.

Anyhow! Since Butler’s passing, two new girlies have Been adopted. These two looovely ladies have been rescued from the same Shelter as Juno and Piper. They were new to the shelter, and their story is that they were purchased from Petsmart to be gifts for some dude’s girlfriend! His girlfriend didn’t like rats, so she gave them back to the man. The man loved them but couldn’t keep them due to alergies. Then they went to the shelter and now they are sitting here, happy, sleeping, in my room!

From all the stress, they had a respiratory infection and were being treated and kept quarentined from my babies Juno and Piper. (Are you following!? If you aren’t, just skip to the picture 😉 ) Now I’m doing intros, and I’ll let you know when they’re finally living together! Intros are going well, Piper, *Suprise name* and *Suprise name* are all getting along, but Juno is having some dominence struggles with *Suprise name*.


December Delilah!

and Ask Jeeves!

Or December and Jeeves for short.

December got her name because I thought it was pretty, and we passed a street called “Winter” and I looked at her and thought “Snow” would be too Cliche. So December came about!

And after Butler died, I came to the conclusion that I would get another rattie and name them Jeeves in his honor. Get it? Ask Jeeves? Because Jeeves was a Butler?

Hardyharhar 😉

ALRIGHT! So now that I’m extremly side tracked, let’s move onto the next thing.

How was your summer?

Mine was pretty great! (:

One of the highlights:

My BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD texted me one afternoon and said (Roughly)

“WAZZUP. A Rocket to the Moon is playing today and I need someone to go with!”

I had no idea who the Hell Rocket to the Moon was, but I went with her anyway! She was already at the concert and saving our place in front row, so I hopped in the car and got myself there pronto.

First, we had to stand through 2 hours of Battle of the Bands. The torture in my legs was unbearable. But then…

Then these… Gods,walked on stage. A band local to Chicago called “State & Madison“. I really love them, the whole band is SO down to Earth! I even got my picture taken with the Lead Singer and Bass player, and the Bass Player, Anothony (SMOKIN’ HOT!) Gave me his pick! They’re really nice, I got to talk to them both (:

Not to mention, their music is awesome.

Now, unfortunately, It won’t let me embed the video. I’ve tried 3 times. Ugh! So for now, I’ll hyperlink you.

Click Here for the Lead Singer’s incrediballlyyyy amazing cover of “How do I Say Goodbye to Yesterday?”

This is just a video of the lead singer singing a Boys II Men song. I think this shows how absolutly amazingly talented the lead singer is. Keep in mind, they’re BROKE AS HELL. They can’t afford fancy equipment, and that talent is raw and hasn’t been tampered with. There is NO autotuning!

And Click Here for the official music video of “On My Way”.

This ISN’T their best song, but *sigh*, it’s their only official music video. The below songs are some of my personal favorites, but I love ALL their music! I guess… I’m kinda a groupie 😉

  • London Bridges Burning Down
  • If This was the Moon
  • While Waiting (For her Guard)
  • The Choice (Simplicity)
  • Baby Baby
  • Everybody Wants Love

Those are some of my favorites, but honestly, I like almost all their songs! I can’t wait to see them again 🙂

I really hated Rocket to the Moon, they gave off such a negative vibe and they weren’t too good. But I loved State and Madison so much that I went to their next show which was a couple weeks ago. Get this, me and my best friend were talking to the bassist and my first impression of “A Rocket to the Moon” was spot on.

They WERE douches! The bassist (Anothony) was telling us how he lent his Bass to the Rocket to the Moon bassist and he never said thankyou or anything. He completely ignored him.

I think the fame is getting to your head, buddy.


Us with Anthony!

Lemme’ hear how your summer was!

Alrightt! And Section number… 3. Yeah. Three right?

Where did my motivation come back to write this blog some mores?

  • I’m sick today, so bored as Hell I fart around on the computer a little! I log onto VeganReese, and BAM. I’m still getting alot of hits! On a blog that’s never updated. So, if the readers are gonna be loyal, I guess I should be too, yeah? So this is you (:
  • The new ratties! I’d like to be able to keep track of the progress in the introductions and teaching them their names and such.
  • I’m trying to cook more, so I’ll put my favorite recipes up here!
  • And exercies and health reasons. It’s nice to keep track of it here, and with other people as witnesses… er, I mean… readers… it’ll make sure I can’t fall flat!

What now?!

How’s your week been?!

Not to be a debby-downer, but mine’s been AWEFUL! I’ve been sick all week! We’ll start with Friday!


Wasn’t feeling well at all! I planned on going on a run, but ended up crashing on the couch and watching Ghost Adventures and a recorded “True Blood” I never had the chance to watch until then!

Isn't Zak Bagans dreamy!?

Isn't Alexander even dreamy-ER!?


I literally slept on the couch all day! I felt aweful! But I did get the chance to enjoy a Pizza bagal made with Daiya Cheese!


The True Blood finale, and I didn’t get to watch it! The good news is, I worked up the strength for dinner and a movie! I went to see Resident Evil (Which was FANTASTIC!) and went out for a bite to eat. I ended up ordering a double-dough pizza with no cheese and lots of veggies and shared it with my brother.


Well what can I say? I didn’t fall asleep until 2:00am and My alarm was going off just 3 hours and 20 minutes after then! I felt aweful and took the day off from school. I just slept around. The good thing is, I discovered Apples and Peanut butter, along with a glass of soymilk, is a rockin’ breakfast.


Same thing! I felt absolutly terrible! I took the day off from school, and finally got around to trying coconut-milk vanilla yoghurt! Delicious, I had it with granola. So yum! I went to the doctor because I had been sick for far too long! And a couple minutes ago I sent out a fat load of emails to all my teachers. Cathching up is gonna be Hell!

So I feel yuck! I havn’t exercised for over a week, since I’ve been sick for a week, and there was no dance! I can’t wait to get back in the groove of things. If I feel better tomorow, I have 2 hours of intense dance! Tomorow I’ve got 2 hip hop classes! Looking forward to it 🙂

Um, hmph! Oh yes oh yes. Wow, so much to update you all on!


Okay… Well as you can see, It’s been a little. Neglected. As in, zero posts! Once all my ratties settle in, and I adjust to this weekly  blogging sched, then I might possibly get it up and running. Keep an eye out for a weekly post from me on Sunday ( I might change the posting day occasionally, but Sunday seems the best day for me to post on) for VeganReese, and ReeseRats will probobally stick to a post every other Sunday.

I think that’s it for now!

Until Sunday, read on, VeganReese-ettes!

No I didn’t forget about you guys…

20 Jun

And I wish I had time to post this PSA earlier! 😉

I already had a loverly post saved in dra’tfts for you guys, but it never got posted because the picture portion wasn’t working out very well!

Anyway, I won’t be posting for a week or so, and I”m sorry. I didn’t post last week because of Techincal difficulties and my dance recitals (which went awesome!) and Butler just grew very ill.

I won’t be posting because I will be taking care of Butler until he pulls through. (Fingers crossed.)

I’m confident he’ll be alright, he’s getting to the vet tomorow, and he’s been on some medicine and TLC for the past two days. Wish my baby boy luck!

Be on the lookout, I’ll post in a week or sooner! And it’ll be extra picture loaded and event loaded to make up for my absense this week! 🙂



Things I’ve never mentioned!

11 Jun

Hello, all!

How was your week? 🙂

As I was strolling through my house this morning I had this epiphany that there are some things I’ve never mentioned, or rather, some characters I’ve never introduced you to!

There are five of them, but one of them is a vampire and never comes out during the day-time so I don’t have any pictures of him. The vampire is my kitty TJ. Two others are at my dad’s house, and I’ll be sure to take pictures next time I’m there! One is our dog named Vienna, and the other is a cat we rescued from a shelter in April, Fat-Ass!

So number one! (Of those I have pictures of 😉 )

This is my Baby! My little Tiger boy! The guy that convised me that animals are capable of thought 😉

Please give a warm welcome to…

Tiger Boy!

^I look like a bug 😉 I just got out of the shower… xD

The Fact File: He’s the coolest kitty ever, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. He loves scratches, to ride around on your neck, and long walks on the beach 😉

He’s 8 years old, rescued from an open adoption at Petsmart (brought in from an adoption clinic, not purchased form the store, no way!).

And detail number two! Has it been mentioned that we foster cats from our local humane society?

Although we’ve had probobally around a dozen kitties brought into our home, this is our current kitty!


The Fact File: From our local humane society! He was rescued from a hoarding case and is a little under a year old. He’s very skiddish and hates to be held, but loves to be pet. He got his name because the volunteers used to call him “aweful” because he was a terrified kitten when they first brought him in.

Fun fact: I had to hold a photoshoot consisting of 28 pictures before I got one that wasn’t blurry 🙂


So my week was pretty fantabulous!

Yesterday I paintsplattered my shirt for my dance Recitle!

The result; messy ass hands.

And vegan pizza using Daiya Cheese was made for my friends! They actually really liked it! It must be good if omnivores like it… 😉

And late last night I saw a blog about the book “Eating Animals” on the top-pressed page on WordPress! I couldn’t help but look at it, sitting lonely and un-read on my bookshelf last night, so I picked it up and started reading it directly after I read the review on the blog post!

Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran

So far I really like it! It’s so funny, but serious at the same time. I’m on page 35 at the moment, I’ll give updates and reviews as I go along! My favorite part is when he describes his dog, George. All I thought about the whole time was my dog Vienna! 😉

And last but not least, a quick, easy, healthy, and vegan recipe!

It takes no time at all and it’s my second favorite food in the whole world!

Chilled Edamame!

All you do is buy a frozen bag of Edamame (make sure it’s in the shells) or you can buy it fresh too.

Throw it in a pot of water. Leave it in there while it boils, read the cooking time on the bag.

When you’re done, strain it, salt it, and throw it in the fridge to chill for a little!

There it is, consumed by me approximatly 30 minutes ago 😉

I like to eat it plain or with sweet sesame soy sauce!

PS, all Edamame is is soy beans, in case you didn’t know!

What are your weekend plans? 🙂

Peace Out,

VeganReese ❤

Greetings from work!

9 Jun

Shh, don’t tell the boss 😉

Hello faithful readers, how ya’ll doin’ today? 🙂

Have you checked out ReeseRats yet!? (: Still working on it, as I’m trying to make tremendousss changes to the blogs! More pictures, more excitement, more links, more everything!

I wanted to drop in today and post a blog about animal testing! Have you been to Caring Consumer? There is loads to do there, including a way to order a free cruelty-free shopping guide! I really love it because you can walk into a store and start a conversation with virtually anybody in the cosmetics section! You just make an overdramatic display of whipping that think out of your purse (or pocket) and people will inquire! If not, you can summon the balls to inform them that the Dove they are holding is tested on animals, whilst the Saint Ives next to them is perfectly vegan!


Who WOULDN'T ask about something so cute!?

I wanted to right this blog because I’ve been super into my rattietats lately, and it made me reflect that not every rat had it as good as them.  😦 My friend Dia was the one who told me about how vegans have our ‘animals’ and since then, I’ve discovered that my animal is a rat. I want to end their suffering, in all forms. You name it, testing, dissection, breeders, petstores (mills…), neglectful ‘owners’…

Now I’m sad 😦

But you can help! Print off this Animal Testing Breaks Hearts Petition and circulate it to your friends and family! You can help put an end to the suffering of animals in labs.



 Anyway! How has your day been?Mines been pretty fab, apart from having to wake up at 5:40 and having no form of vegan caffeine! Stupid coffee shop! I want soy creamer NOW!

That reminds me, have I mentions Silk Creamer makes for the best cup of coffee ever? Because it does! NOMNOMNOM!

I’m about to go out to eat with my Dad and the fam for his birthday, I know what I’m ordering! Plain potatoe skins, and some veggie pasta with olive oil! (: Improvising of the menu is the best thing you can do, ask the waiter questions (Be sure to tell them that you have an allergy so they get their information right.) and don’t exclude anything off the menu just because it has chicken in it. Ask for it without the chicken and vwala! 🙂

UPDATE: As promised, the food I said I would nomm on!


Well I have to go! Off work and go to meet my brother at dinner! Remind me, I saw something at work today that made me smile, I took a picture and I’ll be sure to post it later! Check back! (:

UPDATE: So maybe you had to be there, but I saw this and it made me smile 🙂




Patient File at the office. NOM! 😀


Peace, love, vegan.


It’s time…

7 Jun

To link you. I’ve been doing lots of work on it (not post work, but pictures, widgets, subscriptions, links… ya know, that shit) and it’s time to get it up and running with readers!

Mind you, there is only one post, an introductory post, because it still needs some TLC 🙂

Are you ready?

Here we go…


Yay! It’s finally here! And you the good readers, will no longer have to read a blog infused with random posts about ratties! Because that’s all in one very special place, which is also the virtual home for my lovelys!

Yes, that is a Victoria Secrete bag they are sleeping in (;

So there you have eeet! The special home for all things rattie related, maybe I’ll inspire some of you to go out and rescue some ratties 🙂

Other than that…

I’m going out shopping for my Daddy’s birthday present… Maybe some cruelty free cologne? Nahh, I always get him manly scents… xD

And hopefully if it doesn’t rain, I’ll go out on a run with my two friends, I’m a little afraid of dying though, I have to get back in shape for Cross Country! :X My dance teachers are gonna rip me a new asshole because ‘RUNNING RUINS YOUR FLEXIBLILTY, MARISA, STOP RUNNING!” but my best friend told me she’d shave my head if I didn’t do Cross Country with her again, and well, I kinda pinky promised! :3

Anyway, it’s getting a little difficult to type because my cat relocated to my arm 😉

And I have some vegan sammiches to atend to!

Peace, Love, Vegan~


Guess what!?

7 Jun

This blog has been terribly neglected, *sigh* I went from a lil’ over a hundred clicks a day to practically none!

At my hand, people!


Truth be told people, I haven’t neglected this blog since the last post a couple weeks ago, because I’ve been working on a sister blog dedicated to…

^^Ratties! So that the good fellows of this blog are no longer bothered with random-ass posts about ratties!  Don’t get ideas, I’m not some phsyco bitch who is obsessed with ratties, I just want to a) spread the word about adoption b) promote happy lives in rats, because alot of people just adopt ratties and keep them in their room, without really caring about the welfare of the sentient lifeform in their room.

WOAH. Vegan rant! o.o

Anyhow! I’ve also cleared the space in my camera memory card to make way for LOTS OF NEW pictures for Veganreese, made a special folder so none of my shit gets lost, and have been working on gathering lots of fun little vegan activittiesss for you to do! (ie, finding epic petitions for ya’ll to print and circulate, thinking of nifty little vegan craftiesss! Who doesn’t love vegan crafts!? ) So this blog will be up and running and back in action!

In addition, this blog has failed because the my computer is completly fucked up (oops, naughty word! :X) and I kinda… got… blocked from my mommy’s computer.

Don’t look at me like that! :X



So look foward to the new and improved VeganReese



That is all!

Love, VeganReese!